Image Consulting: Fearless Suits

For today’s blog, I’m going to share some of the tips I shared with my friend Ron. If you’ve seen the series of blogs I made during our shopping spree, the fashion guidelines I’ve mentioned are particularly fashioned to Ron’s body physique, image styles or objectives, perceptions of colors, and over all agenda in his clothing make over. So, here’s how we did it.

Before anything else, my fashion is centered to elegantly mismatched suits or commonly known as “broken suits” or “fearless suits”. This term is used by outliers who think that blending colors is not just the typical white colored polo and then partnered with common colors such as blue, black or red suit.

My objective as a fashion adviser is to bring out the color in my clients. I’ll let the colors work for them. Because I believe through their sense of fashion, their sense of individuality and inner style will be showcased. I usually originate my fashion ideas mainly from the client’s perception of themselves within. Then from hereon I let their fashion style radiate their inner sense of style with vibrancy and exuberance.

Vibrancy because with broken suit it means you get a get go that is casual, classic and classy at the same time. All three in one. You can look appropriately laid back when your dress code is in a professional gathering but not too much to look off.

As cliché as this might sound, it’s true. I embrace this quote: Dress to impress. But not just that, remember dress to express. If we try to understand human behavior, one of the de stressors is expressing ourselves through our clothing’s which helps boost our confidence and self-esteem.

And exuberance because fashion is a self- expression, an artful one.  This is like language. For language, despite having standard languages, there are still many variations that are acceptable languages across the globe which tend to evolve through time which is similar to fashion nowadays. Gone are the days when fashion style is determined by what is acceptable or standard in society. People have created variations by variations.

You, as an individual must shine with your own fashion and let the colors work together. What others see and feel as fashionable and trendy might be the opposite to other people.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have my friend Ron here as one of my clients.

First, I evaluated and assessed his sense of fashion and style. Then from this assessment I then created an objective rationale based from his perceptions of style, character and personality.  This is to help me direct and oversee what to change and to add. Lastly, I gave Ron some guiding tips and information about the basis of the image consultation. This is mainly because it’s important that clients should come into terms with a fashion preference data and how they feel about these certain changes.

Evaluate… So, I ask questions such as:

Ron’s Purpose:“To bring out an image where I am confident and comfortable with especially that I am getting older. I want to have certain access to some things. I want to upgrade my image, the image that I want to portray. I wanted to be something like to give a wow factor. I feel like I want to show and demonstrate. I’m on the level internally. I mean I am confident about who I am, but I am not sure with my body language particularly my image with my fashion and style.  I want to be the obvious choice. For example, if I walk into a room and in a business meeting, at first glance, I hope to be the obvious choice.


  1. First of all, we considered the science behind colors. What is safe, dull and fearless.
  2. So, with a purpose of dressing up to impress. Here’s a brief summary.
  3. To express individuality through fashion and clothing.

Integrated Fashion:


  1. Polo/Suit

Option:  White blended with navy patterns of an English Laundry brand with an inlay design in the collar, sleeves and sleeve buttons.

Reason:I want to highlight the importance of patterns and solid color on the outside and then being able to have that print on the inside where you can wear a polo with just any pair of jeans. So, the key to anything is buy something classic. This is to make sure that it doesn’t fade away.

Advice: When you wear this and you leave the top two buttons down it creates an effect because when you roll your sleeves it has an inlay design.

  1. Tie

Option: A pink or a fuchsia or floral tie.

Reason: This is to give an edge and sophistication to the polo/suit.

  1. Cufflinks/ Pocket Squares/Label Pins

Option: Drastically different colors from Top or Pants

Reason: This is to shake things up and punch up a look. You want to start out with solid colors. Blending more harmonious shades will just result in a gentler touch.

  1. Pocket squares

Option: We chose gray, red and blue.

Reason: I highly recommend this type of solid gold and get gold cufflinks. Then use with a pure white shirt.

  1. Label pin:

Option:Pink colored label pin

Reason: This will bring out the look of a suit as a whole as well. You just take them and stick them into the suit pockets. Most of the time it is in the upper left pocket of the suit. So, you just go from there and you stick it in there and normally this pink is a little offset but remember stick to the fashion purpose, create a wow effect with a decent touch.

  1. Cufflinks:

Option: Gold Cufflinks

Reason: To highlight the value of color variety


  1. Jeans/Slacks

Option: Darker jeans

Reason:Good quality and has a distinct logo. Let the solid dark color flow.

  1. Shoes

Option: A shade of brown with a more solid tint on the edge..

Reason: Brown, because it’s classic. Nicely rugged parts and classic.

  1. Socks

Option: The beautiful purple or Tifanny blue socks

Reason:You get a lot of compliments on purple and these colors always stood up even from a mile away. We chose base from texture, design, color and how it will match the whole get up. When you sit down people are going to watch your socks. So, grab a pair of socks that is both breathable and fashionable at the same time. Comfort is a must as well with fashion.



  1. Perfume

Option:Wanted By Night ⋅Men’s Eau de Parfum ⋅AZZARO

Reason: It’s going to be classically paired with the get up.

  1. Watches

Option: We chose four kinds of watches either, bright colored watch, earth-toned watch, silver watch or a gold watch.

Reason: First color is yellow to blend with a blue shirt with the golden yellow ascot tie and brown shoes paired with a brown belt. I like colored- themed watches. So, if you wear a little bit of a hint of orange or a copper around the face something like that just to bring out the accent. Second is an earth-toned to go with the earth-toned things. Third is a silver watch. Lastly is a gold watch. This will just stand out and this will pair well with the olives. It’s also a good contrast with black. Or you can buy an Apple watch and get different band colors by just changing the wristband.

  1. Socks

Option: English Laundry socks, too. These are happy socks and has double patterns. And I also get these socks from Wardrobe Wednesday.

Reason: It’s a year- round sock. It also gives a cool summer look in the winter. This would blend the gray slack with pink or blue or gray suit and tie with a Tiffany blue socks

  1. Wallet

Option: A think sleek wallet by Coach

Reason: Be a minimalist. Carry a wallet with items inserted for your need’s sake. It all boils down to decluttering and minimizing. ORGANIZED WALLET HELPS SAVE TIME.

Okay, so that’s a wrap for today’s image consulting session with Ron.

Attached is before and after the image consulting.




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