Zanzibar Travel Series: When in Nungwi Beach

Don’t you just feel going out, walking in the beach. Then finding yourself in the beach afterwards. And luckily you’re on your own. No umbrellas , no drinking spree, no loud music, no litter, no chairs in close proximity to the ocean and just you. It’s just you and the calm sea, on its bluest ever days. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a place like this? For some maybe they’d hope to have this ambience as a meditation. For some they’d long for these serenity and solitude. I find it a blessing to be out here on my own.  And speaking of which, I don’t believe that solitude equates to loneliness, just saying. It’s just giving time for yourself;  to quiet your mind and delve into your subconscious. What really are your thoughts? Why do you have these thoughts? Where are these thoughts coming from? It is called getting in touch to yourself; to understand the person that you’ve become, to be authentic with your feelings and to listen to your discords and vacillation.

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