You Don’t Have to Be a Famous Sports Anchor to Inspire.


I spoke with a dear friend today to wish her a Happy Birthday. In that conversation, I stated that one my mentors died today. Her question was, “You knew Stewart Scott?” I went on to explain that he was a silent mentor. I have quite a few of them. You may be one. Yes, you. One thing that stood out is how a persons’ heart can be so full and pierced at the same moment. That’s me today. If nothing else, it certainly puts many things in perspective. We all inspire in one way or another. Stuart inspired me in many ways.

Known to me as the Michael Jordan of journalism, Scott brought never before seen coolness and urban vibes to sports that made many of us want to watch based on his energy and enthusiasm alone. He had swag way before there was such a term, making you want to be a bit better than what you were.


In Remembrance of Stuart Scott, here’s a Call to Action:

Find that person that you’ve been thinking about, had on your mind to call, to check on, because you care about them and you want them to know. Call them or even have lunch if possible. Value and cherish your relationships. Actions are the ultimate follow through. We’ll be glad we did.

Every day I’m reminded that our life’s journey is really about the people who touch us…..    – Stuart Scott

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