Who I am in Two Minutes

Hello, this is prime. Some of you know me as Terrill. And my personal Mantra is, look your best. Do your best. Be your best.

Who I am?

I’m a self proclaimed “multipotentialite” and I don’t just stand by it, I work and live by it. Multipotentialite means being great at many different things. Everyday I try to learn a little bit of every skill I am interested in. Once I get better at a particular skill then I learn hard how to be great at it. I can say I am great at many things because I have learned and enhanced my skills in the arts, photography, web design, social media marketing, and graphic design.

How do I look my best, do my best and be my best?

I work out. I make sure it’s part of my daily routine. I embrace the struggle and work out progressively. Some days my work outs are intense and other days are recovery work outs. To be physically and mentally fit, intensity and balance are both important. I try to teach myself quite a bit about living a healthy lifestyle. I cook my own food and I try to be creative with healthy recipes.



What do I do?

I’m a huge advocate and a deep user of technology. With technology, I utilize this collectively. I own and operate a digital agency. This allows me to consult and influence people, organizations and companies throughout the world by consulting and life coaching . I want to help those who wants to have this unique opportunity to travel globally. It’s my goal to bring value to people, companies and organizations, and to instill to them the importance of having the right route map in treading their dreams.

I am a life coach. And this is what I’m best at. I provide life coaching, this is what I do best and get to be my best. I want to help anyone eager to develop that unstoppable mindset. And working out and having a healthy lifestyle are just two of the many examples on displaying how the brain and the body are the greatest machines ever created.I believe no matter who you are, you should never settle for less without sacrifice. There are no victories without losses.

I recently started doing Image Consulting. In line with my mantra “look your best”. What you wear, and how you wear it makes an introduction well before you even open your mouth. Why settle when you can carry a unique commanding presence.

I cook a little bit too not just to be fit and healthy but to express myself in an artistic and creative way using food. After all, cooking is an art.


Overall, what do I do? I guess, all will come down to this primary goal; it is to help anyone eager to succeed achieve that success because this makes me victorious.

How to live life?

I like to say live full and die empty and it’s essential to look for the positive. If you encounter that part of your life where it can be a hard time to navigate by yourself, keep that strong faith and that growth mindset. This is just a gentle reminder that you have not peaked; to let you know that the best version of yourself is waiting to be unleashed. And it would be great if you surround yourself with an environment who can give you assistance, coaching and mentoring in line with your growth and goals; it’ll be a great step in passing through this hard time.

This is just two minutes about me so if you want to know more information on any of the companies and projects that I’ve mentioned, these can be found under my website terrilltarver.com under the business tab. It would be my pleasure to assist you on this journey.

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