Upgrading your Frames

For today’s blog, I’ll be discussing about getting what’s available in the store versus getting what you want. I recently came upon this issue because of a current visit to my optometrist clinic. Although my clinic has plenty of designer frames and good looking styles I feel like the frames that I wanted are not always available. Sometimes the prices can be a little bit outside of the price range and for what the insurance benefits may cover. Because of these reasons, I decided to look online for some frame options.  Now, I have different colors: I have red tone line, black ones, some lime and metal color ones. If you’ve seen some of my previous videos, I also have some earth tones that I have actually worn. Then I get these Valentinos. I love these because they actually have the earth tone on the front of the frame so I can wear it with my own fashion styles. I like the fact that I could put something on my face and it flows with what I have on.

I learned that a little searching will reveal plenty of others.

way of choosing frames is by ordering online. Online eyewear stores offer dramatically lower prices with various options than you can find in many stores. It’s important to look in numerous resources if there’s a better alternative. Although online stores of eyewear have always been present but buying online has not seen as a good alternative. It is seen as a risky proposition because of some factors such as not being able to try on frames, get adjustments and so on. Because of these reasons buying eyewear online gives a feeling that you’re not getting the best deal so before anything else it’s important to check the return policy.

Check the return policy.

The big questions would be: What if the frames I bought does not fit my glasses? What if the frames don’t fit you well or the lenses are off somehow. What if you don’t like the frame when you see it. Then return policies are there to help you. Another method is to get a one-time-use store credit for the full amount you paid. This means you can effectively try again with a different pair or prescription. Some stores might only give you store credit.
The Bottom line is before you even start shopping, check the return policy and make sure it’s something you can live with.
IT is important to find frames that suit your style without sacrificing durability, comfort, and style appeal. Choosing the right frame is important because eyewear frames can truly enhance your appearance. Frames come in a variety of colors and are of varying durability, weight, and price.  The key consideration when it comes to the frame is the comfort and design. People have different faces and according to experts and choosing the right one for your face is very crucial. The online sellers have guides for choosing the right frames for your face, what you wear every day and many other factors. If you are not sure of the frame design you want, then visit an optical shop to go through the frames with an expert and choose the frame.

Aproperly fitting eyeglass frame makes as much difference to your personality as a properly tailored suit. It gives you class, elegance, and style. Moreover, a properly fitting frame makes your vision clearer and keeps harmful radiations away from your eyes. One has an option to choose between the metal frames or the plastic finished frames. When buying the frames, the material strength is very crucial especially for people working outdoors where the glasses are bound to fall. The metal frames are durable but may be out of fashion at the moment. So the use of glasses will greatly dictate the lens you will buy.

Round Face
Choose rectangular or square frames, which are wider than your round face. This way, it will enhance your face shape by making it look longer and slimmer thereby balancing your features. Avoid small, rimless and round frames that emphasize the roundness of your face.
Oval Face
Choose frames broader than the widest part of your face, geometrically shaped and have a strong bridge. Do not get overlarge glasses that hide most of your face. This will ruin the natural symmetry and balance of your oval face.
Square Face
Get spectacles that rest high on your nose bridge and soften its angularity. Round or oval shades will create a thinner facial appearance and balance your angles. Refrain from buying boxy and angular frames that sharpen your features.
Diamond Face
Highlight your narrow forehead and chin by selecting glasses that are wider than your cheekbones, including oval and cat eye frames. Stop yourself from choosing narrow and boxy frames that highlight your cheek width
Heart-Shaped Face
The ideal frames for you are those that balance your foreheads width with your narrow chin. Select frames that have bottom heavy frame lines and low-set temples to create more width on the narrow portion of your face.
Square or round frames.
These frames have curved angles will be perfect for you. Steer clear of any color or style that accentuates your face, such as glasses with embellished tops or decorative temples.The secret to discovering the perfect frames for you is to keep in mind that opposites do attract. Choose glasses contrasting your facial contours that will cause balance and symmetry of your prominent features.

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