Tipping Points for Instagram Success

If one day you opt to share what you have been so passionate to Instagram, then this 10-minute-read article is both an entry and exit criteria. If you’re a regular person with less than 200 Instagram followers, usually the question that comes to mind, so what is the formula to Instagram success?  Or as Malcolm Gladwell terms, the tipping point“The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” What could possibly be the criteria for this tipping point?  How can an  Instagram account become  significant enough to cause a larger, more important change?

First let’s state the obvious.

While I am writing and gathering what the internet has to say , there’s a common reminder - Focus on your impact, attractiveness, engagement, relevance, content, and style. There is no single formula for success but knowing more about these keywords could increase your following.

This is obvious. Usually, these keywords embody how social media works - use clickbait, attract attention, create connections with famous people, be associated with popular social media personas. Yes, these could be, at least if marketing is the concern. But if you’re headed to the influence plus marketing direction then stick to reading this blog post.

With this in mind, let's look at some successful Instagram accounts and influencers. This might help you go from hundred followers to thousands up or even millions of followers.

1. Showcase what you do for a living. Share your career and your expertise. Thus you won't be incompetent in the content that you share.


For starters, you can leverage your following from your set of skills, expertise and education. There are thousands of Instagram influencers that share what they do for a living. After all, expertise more than attractiveness ensures your following in the long run. Take for example the instagram account of my good friend, Ian Belegurschi.

Iurie Belagurchi

is a fully licensed tour operator and a founder of Iceland Photo Tours. While he explores the best locations in Iceland, he combines his passion for photography and his love for traveling.

His Instagram account offers photo tours to the best locations in Iceland.

Iurie Belegurschi is an award winning fine art nature and landscape photographer. He was born in Moldova, but moved to Reykjavik in Iceland in 2006 to study tourism and hospitality. Iurie is the leading photography guide and workshop instructor in Iceland, and his tours are much sought after both by locals and international clients.

2. Subliminal Marketing. Be interesting. Make it interesting.


The premise of the account is simple: A collection of photos from all over the world of men looking absolutely miserable and exhausted while dutifully accompanying their significant others/families on shopping excursions.

The genius behind the account, is Oregon-based Matt Stroud.

The account since catch on after being featured on Vice, Huffington Post, and a few other media outlets in other countries. At present, miserable men photos come from across the globe.

Another interesting fact according to Matt is that the men in these photos are miserable enough to mind having their photo taken.

Next question now would be, how can I be interesting on Instagram?

Apply subliminal marketing. Focus on eliciting emotions — the desire for happiness, the element of surprise, the viewer’s deepest thoughts and strongest yearnings or any form of reference that primes individuals unconscious mind.

Focusing on the viewer's unconscious mind represents a significant entry criteria.
Think outside the box . Make ideas that stem from an imaginative thinking and bold actions. One of the common subliminal approaches used is called 'filling the void'. Most often this is done by sharing a content that produces a positive emotion.

Interesting is focusing not on the conscious mind of viewers, more so portraying things in a logical and linear manner. Social media is not the place for that. Interest stems from the influence of thoughts, feelings, and/or behavior at the subconscious levels.

3. It’s more so about where you’re going. It is the influence that you create which determines where your Instagram following goes. So look out of all those things and what you’re trying to do. You have to make sure, you’re setting some values.


My purpose in Humans of New York is not to tell the story of humanity, it’s to tell the story of the person right in front of me.

Brandon Stanton, the creator of photoblog Humans of New York (HONY) is a great example for this. Alongside with the portraits taken, Stanton includes quotes and short stories from their lives. Stanton acknowledges one of the things that keeps HONY growing is the subliminal philanthropic motive.

 Humans of New York has changed significantly over the years but the decision to prioritize passion over profit has remained consistent. Stanton has turned down nearly every corporate offer, instead continue on building meaningful impact on other people’s lives.

Stanton's, Humans of New York has raised millions of dollars for impoverished schools in Brooklyn, for victims of Hurricane Sandy, for bonded laborers in Pakistan, and many more. This includes the two best-selling books and plenty of speaking engagements for Stanton.

4. In relation, the other thing that you want to do is to bring value. Don’t just post just to post. It comes down to knowing what people find of value.

Max Lugavere is the author of the New York Times Bestseller book “Genius Foods”. His instagram account @maxlugavere is an extension of this book. He posts healthy diet options.


Max's tagline is - Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting you Brain for Life.

Max Lugavere presents a comprehensive guide to brain optimization. He uncovers the stunning link between our dietary and lifestyle choices and our brain functions, revealing how our diet directly affect our mental and emotional capabilities.


These four belong to Instagram's entry criteria. These are requirements that should be prioritized.


In addition, here's the exit criteria. These requirements are plus points.


Another thing you should do, engage. Engage and do your own research. Here and there get to know your audience. Get to know the people that you serve because what you’re doing is serving. You are serving an audience.

1. Set up a theme. Themes that are consistent are really interesting. May it be color, design and vibrance. Have an interesting system. May it be color scheme, design scheme.


2. Be visible. This is important. Put the link in all kinds of social media sites. Add it to the signature of your email, add it to twitter bio. Add the link to different platform so people will see. Or use the power of Hashtags. Be accessible.


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