This is for Multipotentialites

✍🏽💭For years,  I have had multiple work identities that I considered myself a scatterbrain had it not been with some enlightenment.  I have worked as a Platform Creator, Marketer, Design Consultant, Photographer, Branding & Marketing Consultant, IT Auditor, Multimedia Specialist / Webmaster, IT Specialist, Media Specialist, and Motivational Speaker. Although these crafts are interrelated one way or another but juggling from one focus to another and studying one craft which later on lead me to learn another craft have made it difficult for me to categorize what profession I suit into.  After what I’ve been through✍🏽✍🏽  I can say I can categorize myself as a multipotentialite. If knowledge is power, then this power of knowing how I will categorize myself had a tremendous effect to my well-being, peace of mind and the direction I’m treading and the goals I am setting for myself.✍🏽 ✍🏽 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Now I have made a page devoted to all multipotentialites out there. This is for you to enlighten yourself by understanding why you enjoy perpetual and interdisciplinary learning . This is for you to go easy on yourself if you feel burn out from all the work you’ve done yet progress seems to be evasive.  My name’s Prime, your co-multipotentialite. 

Are you someone who just like me has multiple work identities? Are you someone who enjoys learning, and refuses to specialize in one profession because doing so might deter you in attaining your goals? Are you competent, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in various crafts? Then how do you answer questions about what do you do, what is your profession or your college degree? Have you been asked with these questions formulated in singularities as if inferring particularly a single answer? If you can relate from these series of questions, then it's time for you to understand why you do what you do and why you don't focus and specialize in just an area of profession.

I have also come to terms with the difference of a Scatterbrain and a Multipotentialite. Scatterbrain [skat-er-breyn] refers to a person who is disorganized and lacking in concentration. Multipotentialite [muhltahy-puh-tuhn-shah-lahyt] generally have diverse interests across numerous domains and may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions, they are confronted with unique decisions as a result of these choices. Multipotentialite is a new vocabulary to a lot of people at this point in time. This is why I have made a particular page as a form of open discussion about being a multipotentialite.

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