When good things happen they’re always worth sharing. Especially when someone goes out of their way to be super nice.  This product review comes as a result of “Shower Tower” friendliness. It’s known and has been said if you want to have a friend, show yourself to be friendly.  As I’ve been focusing on growing my social media presence on Instagram, I’m meeting some pretty incredible people. One, in particular, is Astrid Ellis. She owns The Shower Tower.

Astrid reached out and asked would I mind if she sent me some of her product. So I responded yes, and to what do I owe the pleasure? She replies, just celebrating our friendship. Immediately, I felt the sincerity and such a wonderful display of character. This speaks to the true fabric of the person and the company. Success and money doesn’t change a person, it only magnifies you are.
Shortly after, she informs me that the package is mailed out and I should receive it in a few days from Dubai. After about seven days she’s she checks in to see if I had received it. Since I was traveling away from home, I wasn’t sure if it was delivered. But upon my return, I notified her that I had not received it. Then she simply responds “haha, I guess somebody needed some dope so” : ). I’ll mail you another package out in a day or so. This revealed another key display of care and commitment. Even though I didn’t pay for a package. I did receive the second package and much to my anticipation, it was all that I expected and more. As soon as I opened it I smell the fragrance and fell in love with it.

About The Product
The soap is shaped and image of the Burj Khalifa: the tallest building in the world. The product is shea butter-based and is all natural and organic. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth, silky and nicely scented. It is the perfect gift for entertainment venues weddings and party favors on an exclusive left. They also provide private labeling options to insert your company on the product instead of their company. This benefits you by bringing exclusivity to your company and it’s brand. That said, I have so many ideas on how the shower tower can help to expand and bring value to other businesses. A few are offering their product with your name on it as corporate gifts. It’s also ideal for event planner and wedding planners to name a few.

I travel to Dubai about a year ago and never had a chance to visit the company or meet Astrid in person. But the next time I am remotely close to Dubai, I will make it my business to pay a special visit to this phenomenal person and this outstanding company. To connect with her or the company for collaborative opportunities, use the link below.



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