How I Conquered 166 Pull-Ups


It’s a know fact to many that pull-ups are the building blocks to a killer physique. I witness many at gyms performing all sorts from machine assisted to crossfit style. My road has been long on my pull-up journey. On my back and biceps day, I always start out with pull-ups first. I make it a point to complete at least 100 pull-ups before I start my workout. Then in between sets of back exercises, I perform more pull-ups to push my limits. Proud to say, just a few days ago I set a new personal record of 166 pull-ups within the 60-65 minute workout. As you can see in the video, I use multiple variations and widths. These include close grip, medium grip, wide grip, overhand, underhand and even one hand under/one hand over. This allows you to exercise alternate muscles and bang out a few more reps. So what’s my routine? Check out my sets and reps below for how I did it. I normally log it in notes on my phone for keeping track.

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