Note to Self: On Relationships and Communication

Daily Thoughts: Week 3

Kings and Queens, what’s good? I am getting random thoughts out of my head.

 Topic of this week:

First is the complication in our relationships and the importance of understanding against all odds.


This is about relationships and realizing what your relationships have become.
It hurts to realize that in a relationship, you aren’t as important as you thought you were.

It hurts to let people see you as a back up plan. When they easily put you in a “ choose me or loose me” statement.
It hurts to know that gifts and materialistic things matter most; when glamor and materialism supersede your relationship’s core values. It hurts to deal with the changes when all this time you’ve been secured that unconditional love, respect and understanding build the relationship; when you assured yourself that through ups and downs these core values will prevail.

But it hurts most in a relationship to be afraid of getting hurt without even trying to fix things out, to not make any move to understand what’s happening, to try and know better the other half that makes the relationship and talk out what went wrong and to finally come in good terms either in a positive or negative outcome.

"Tis better to have loved and lost than  never to have loved at all"

Next is the importance of communication.

Never under estimate the power of a good morning text, of apologies and of random compliments. We long for love. But are we communicating the love we think we deserve to have. Effort out your love and share it too. Be true to your feelings and speak it out. Talk it out with someone or to that someone you like. If you like someone,  tell them. No but’s and no if’s. If you miss someone.Tell them that too. If you love someone, show it. I just believe that life is too short to keep your feelings inside. Don’t wait for you to realize how much you regret not communicating these out.

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