Be Persistent, Take Action and Be Fearless on your Dreams


Stop keeping your dreams to yourself. Let people know what you’re trying to do, what you’ve worked hard.  When you have dreams and down the line of action you are backed with experience and knowledge then you’re good.

How selfish of you to keep your dreams on your own; when you have these dreams and then you decide these are not worth talking about because you’re afraid of social approval or acceptance. No it should not be. Let your dreams go and let these flourish. Social approval is not a must for you to go forward, instead build acquaintances who will either challenge, disapprove or reject these dreams but in one way or another give you an opportunity to build and grow your dreams. At the end of the day, some adversities are most likely  blessings in disguise.

Be persistent, take action and be fearless on your dreams.

If you’re not ready to take this social kind of risk, I wonder how far you’ll go.


The 10  list of notes to self is a useful compendium of tips and guiding principles for the pursuit of your dreams .


10 Notes to Self: Keep

Pursuing your Dreams



1. ⬛ It pays to tell.

It does pay to tell because if you do not practice this value, you will live a life of frustration and resentment, especially if you think that people should discern your needs, preferences or desires.
Be clear on what you want and don't want. If you're worried of third party comments or critics, remember you are not commanded to please, adjust or decide for people who disrupt your peace. This does not mean you shut yourself in learning, it means learning to dissect meaningful critics from shallow comments and third party nuisance.
Remember, your success lies to your deliberate practice whilst being focused, determined, and open for feedback.

2.⬛ Haste makes waste.

Being good at something is not an overnight process. Take for example writing. You should be willing to create garbage along the way if you want to create a masterpiece. You do not succeed or fail on how fast you achieve your dreams. You succeed and fail when you pursue your dream.

3.⬛ Complacency is the enemy. It weakens you. Puts the 'it's good' not the 'it's great' in your mind. Suddenly you are settled.

As Malcolm Gladwell tells it , ``The people at the top don't work just harder or even much harder than everyone else. They work much, much harder.``
Being complacent is dangerous when you are a dreamer because it affects your creativity, your intuition, your output and the over all drive for you to keep pursuing your dreams.
As someone who aims, the best mindset is to be unafraid.

Being afraid fundamentally undermines your ability to access the best part of your instincts. So my advice to those people would be stop thinking and introspecting so much and do a little more acting.


4.⬛ "God give me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." - Reinhold Niebuhr

Understand that you cannot do a lot about the fate part but as a person there is always something that you can do. Liz Murray, who's biography was made into the Homeless to Harvard movie states, `` Instead, what I was beginning to understand was that however things unfolded from here on, whatever the next chapter was, my life could never be the sum of one circumstance. It would be determined, as it had always been, by my willingness to put one foot in front of the other, moving forward, come what may.``

5.⬛ You'll always find ways to leverage the skills you do have.

Sample many kinds of courses and experiences rather than focusing on a narrow few. Prepare so you can adapt and be flexible. Read and research information. Develop good working habits and attitudes, gain leadership skills. Understand how organization work . The key is planning then preparation. It is a leverage to have a clear second choice and a third choice and a back up plan. If the first ones don't work out.
Apply these new skills everyday that bring the best in you. Remember, ``we learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction``.

6.⬛ Anything that occupies your working memory reduces your ability to think.

Be honest about your stressors and don't try to rationalize them away and know when you're being your own worst enemy.
Everybody needs a support system. You must take the initiative in reaching out and establishing meaningful relationships. It could be debilitating and stressing to continue on attempting on a result and desiring for something that will just stuck you in disappointment. A prudent person foresees the change ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Good planning and forethought are critical to minimizing self-caused stress. Attitudes are contagious. A relaxed attitude lengthens life. Watch the company you have been keeping.

7. ⬛ Be proactive.

Keep being excellent at your work. This is a building foundation. Then start thinking of Plan B for your career.
I found that if one works with some foresight and transparency they perform well and serve the intended purpose behind their creation.
Four words to remember: Foresight, dynamism, flexibility and transparency. This calls for integrity, compassion, accessibility, knowledge, fearlessness and many other human qualities in us.
This is for you be effective. You must develop the ability to know how to turn problems into creative challenges. Plan ahead. Work hard at getting ideas, researching information, weighing options and alternatives. You must calculate risks. Design a back-up plan and of course take responsibility of your decisions. Lastly, find some meanings in the process.

8.⬛ No longer can you wait to "cross that bridge when you come to it" so just do it and in the process preparation is a must.

Be a good improviser and develop action. Take control of the controlled variables.
Great dedication and hard work are two of the essential foundations when you pursue your dreams.
It's very hard to find someone who's successful and dislikes what they do.

9.⬛ "There are times and places, however when all of us depend on people who have been hardened by their experiences."- Malcolm Gladwell

Once you have enough ability to get into your dreams, the thing that distinguishes a dreamer from another is how hard he or she works. That's it. And what's more, the people at the very top don't work just harder or even much harder than everyone else. They work much, much harder.


10.⬛Sometimes God will put this set of adversities in your life to prepare you for the great battle of which you can choose to overcome for your dreams or avoid it for your complacency.


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