How your Circle will help you Succeed

Know your circle and be in a circle of your own choice. Somewhere along the way, the ones inside your circle will help you one way or another to succeed.  For some, they call it their circle of trust, circle of support or circle of social support. Regardless of the name, the circle consists of people that you choose to enter in your personal life. A group who will help support you make your decisions about life, social circles, companionship and emotional support. The idea is simple, in this circle that you create, inside it would be the ones who belong and the outside of the circle, they’re the ones who do not belong.


For me, I call my circle, my Tribe. Tribe, in the context of the essence. Tribe because it signifies a feeling of unity, a feeling of belongingness, interconnectedness, a sense of commonality, having that familial love. I chose this word because it greatly embodies my kind of circle.

I feel the need to establish the context of why I chose to call my circle, tribe. The word tribe is a complicated word if taken in an anthropological sense. If we look at the etymological background of 'TRIBE' , this word has been carefully used over time because if used improperly it might offend, exploit, or generalized a distinctive group. I, on the other hand, focus on what the word 'tribe' embodies.

Flock of Chicken

Yes, a flock of Chicken.
Here's the background story:
I saw this brood of chicken in Zanzibar Island and I saw how birds of the same feather flock together. This is the very condition that I've set for my Tribe.

Points to Ponder

🔵 🔵 🔵 Points to Ponder

Why is this Important?

1.Companionship and emotional support
2. Reflects who you are. Friends are similar in terms of social-cognitive abilities, interests and various behavior such as play, prosocial, antisocial, withdrawn behavior, internalizing problems and antisocial behaviors.
3. You’ll never know when you’re going to need that help and the support.
4. Read the book called Tribes by Seth Gordin.


Birds of the same feather flock together.
flock together.


There's this concept called Homophily to attest this. Homophily is the tendency for similar individuals to associate with one another. It is a widespread and well-documented social phenomenon where research studies have shown that individuals who are similar with regard to attitudes, opinions, and beliefs are more likely to associate with one another that would be expected by chance, and that this association applies at all levels of intimacy, from mere contact and casual acquaintance- ship through to friendship.

Tell me who your friends are
and I'll tell you who are.

This similarity promotes cooperation and altruism. Social psychology has demonstrated that individuals identify distinct groups of individuals based on shared visual appearance, shared patterns of movement, common goals, and networks of affiliation and that some of these abilities are available very early in development. And numerous experiments have shown that once established, even the most arbitrary cues of similarity and group membership activate in-group favoritism and out-group discrimination.

Food For Thought

1.Stop telling people more than they need to know.
2. You know it's your circle when you are comfortable being yourself. As cliche as this might sound, but this is true.
3. Do yourself a favor and don't share your problems with narcissists.
4. Sharing a sense of humor, hobbies and interests, moral beliefs, and being from the
same area are significant predictors of both altruism and emotional closeness.
5. Social connections are as important to your health as proper diet and exercise. Research has linked social bonding to longer lives, lower incidence of depression and anxiety, and reduced risk of disease.
6.It takes work to find and nurture relationships; to build a tribe w if you need help. Expecting that this will lay the groundwork for future trust and cooperation

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