How to End an Insult Like a Man

Let me share you a dialogue that captures the scenario I am about to discuss. If you’ve watched Avenger’s Infinity there’s this dialogue by Drax as he mugs off Starlord’s ‘dude’ remark to Thor:

“He’s not a dude, you are a dude. He is a man, a handsome, muscular man.”

And from this brief dialogue I got from the movie, let me then tell you about an encounter similar with this situation. So earlier today I had a person that noticed what I was wearing and called me out:

“Hey, I like your little outfit.”

This comment just triggered something on me which explains why I’m even writing a blog about it. I feel the word used as a description to my outfit is improper; what I have on is real men’s wear and not a little outfit. But unlike Drax, this is not a movie scene, this is the real world so I stepped up a little further. 

I take great pride in my fashion style.  I wonder where the word “little” is coming from. I felt as if the comment was to demean or belittle my outfit so I did what I have to do and end the insult like a man. And I don’t mean we brawled or anything aggressive happened. I just had a little chit-chat with the person and explained my predicament about his choice of words.

I  challenge you to do the same because people will put small on whatever it is that you’re trying to do. They’re going to try and put small on your business; they’re gonna put small on your personal goals, small even on your income. It would mean less when this small talking or belittling is coming from strangers but you must not accept that. These kinds of comments are not those kinds of criticisms that meant to improve your craft. Instead it is a shallow comment, and regardless of the intention it should not be allowed.

To advance in our careers and get the respect we deserve, the only solution is to recognize that it’s our responsibility to ensure they find out.

This a fearless suit, the prime style. Look your best. Do your best. Be your best.

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