Be creative with colors. Express yourself, but still observe the etiquette. There are situations that need a precise dress code and where you need to adapt yourself. Whenever you decide to go beyond formality it is important to do it stylishly. A well-cut suit will allow you to play with colors and patterns while maintaining the right amount of sophistication. Now it’s up to you: create and choose your pieces of clothing and express your personality. I’ll be presenting some of my fearless suit and tie combination.

Tone on tone is also possible, but very risky! Even colour consistency is needed: bright colours go with bright colours and light colours with light colours
-The Prime Style
The Prime Style
Most clothing comes in a more gentle form of the true hues -either they are lightened by adding shades of light colors or darkened by adding dark colors.

C onsistency is also essential. The art of masterfully mixing mismatched suits and pants needs a lot of attention and context. you can’t match a winter jacket with summer trousers and vice-versa.


Happily Casual
Mixing colors can create two effects- Harmony or disorganization. This fearless suit blending gives a pleasant outcome and not a mas of color that looks chaotic. Cashmere sweater. This is to express one’s individuality. The art of mismatching is the secret of being elegant, with an extra personal touch of creativity.

A Fearless Suit with a Touch of Warm Color
If you really want to dare, you can try to make your own tie and pants blend while contrasting it with blue as a primary color and revealing the tie color with a checkered polo. For a bright style, this is the perfect match: summery, airy but refined and sophisticated at the same time.

Fearless Suit: Artistically Burgundy
Do not fall into the trap of considering the broken suit an art for eccentrics. Depending on the occasion and mood, learn to manage colour contrasts.

Fearless Suit: Daily Grind
Play with the shades of the same colour scheme(blue-light blue, black-grey, brown-beige) in order to keep a formal look.

Fearless Suit: Versatile
Versatile and extremely chic, the mixing and matching suit has become a part of contemporary culture. If the situation permits, don’t be afraid of also matching a darker-colour blazer (burgundy, green, dark blue) with lighter-colour trousers and dare with patterns and coloured pocket squares.


Fearless Suit: Timelessness
Sophisticated mix and match suit: burgundy blazer and beige trousers. a mismatched style with modern class and elegance


Fearless Suit: Extremely Chic
You can opt for “chinos ” in summer, or even a pair of jeans in winter. For an old-school effect, wear lightly-faded jeans – but with no rips, at all. In summer, if you do not wear socks, you can roll the bottom of your trousers up baring tour ankles a bit.

Fearless Suit: Traditionally Laidback
If you prefer a more classic cut, design your suit jacket and pants combinations with our 3D configurator.


Fearless Suit: Boutonniere and Pocket Squares with Cufflinks
Be careful your outfit is ok without a jacket when you are in public and you want to take it off to dance or because it is simply too hot.

Fearless Suit: Contemporarily Creative
Contrast with colors create more creativity. This is breaking the formal suit by being creative with suits.

Elegantly Mistmatched
The broken suit allows to combine colours and patterns with more freedom – compared to the rigor of business clothes: pastel colours, brown shoes, loafers, shirts and so on depending on the season.


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