How to Get Out of Debt

I gathered a bit of information as a result of friends opting in to get out of debt. When you’re in debt, you just want it to be over already. But I can say that there are no shortcuts. This pursuit will take sacrifices, wisdom, patience, confidence and discipline. I’ve outlined items that I’ve used and highly endorse these techniques, apps, books and podcasts for building knowledge and motivation during the process. 

Using these spreadsheets can help you to keep track of your debts and help you to get out of debt sooner. Or if you’re more technical, use the mint app. One thing I forgot to mention in the video, pay your debts down starting with the highest interest rates.


 Mint Overview – a free financial budgeting software. There is a mobile app and a website. They both have great interfaces and user experiences. It also shows you how much net worth you’re accumulating and amount of debt by pie charts or bar graphs. This visualization also helps tremendously be being able to see your progress and help you to get out of debt. 



Debt-Reduction-Sheet 1
Debt-Reduction-Sheet 2



The Total Money Makeover 

The Millionaire Next Door


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