Buffet of Life

👨🏽‍🍳Life is like a buffet. When we say buffet, the immediate words that we think of are unlimited servings, countless choices, and variety of foods. I myself eat out in buffet styles every now and then. I have come to conditioned myself to look forward to choosing what to eat, the importance of eating the food slowly, and knowing what foods will less likely make me full or less full. I have these considerations when I dine in Buffet style servings especially because these are the factors that I have the control of. I could choose to eat a dish, avoid a dish or how many servings I’ll take. I can plan out what to do regarding all these choices based on the considerations I have mentioned earlier.

most of the time
we have to take advantage
of the factors
that we have control of.
F For me, life is like a buffet. In life there will be unending situations where we have to choose one from the other like how we decide what food we put in our plates. And most of the time, we have to take advantage of the  factors that we have control of. And just like what I have mentioned earlier , there is this subjective process that we create for ourselves. We  have to smartly manage  these factors. Planning is one and preparation is another.

Y You must understand that the buffet of life is yours for the taking. At the end of the day no matter your circumstances are when life gives you opportunities to choose from, you have the upper hand. One time, I went to this Buffet place that has a bit of everything from seafood to duck casserole. Whenever I see these countless food choices that people either choose or disregard from, I’d always associate all these food choices with the opportunities in life. When we’re faced in situations where we have to decide which opportunity is better. We must learn the skill of patience and mindfulness. And most importantly, we must learn the ways of how we can increase the likelihood that the choices we make will best serve our purposes and improve our lives and others. We must learn to take a step back and plan and prepare. So when situations call for spontaneity, you can take advantage of this situation with these skills.  After all life is like a box of chocolates, we’ll never know what we’re gonna get. Remember, no one can fully prepare on something but luck favors the prepared.

I In life we make decisions  for ourselves but there would be a greater value if we also think of providing something for someone else. Somebody might need that something that you can provide. So I challenge you to open up and develop that thing that you want to do and make it available because it’s definitely one of the things that you’re not gonna get unless you try and if you feel like you tried enough, try a little bit more because the buffet👨🏽‍🍳 of life is yours for the taking.

Try a little
bit more because the
buffet👨🏽‍🍳 of life
is yours for the taking.

This is Prime talking to you from the buffet and the wind in Vegas.


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