How to have better conversations with your spouse or significant other.


Conversations are sometimes can be challenging for some and on the other hand one of the easiest things that a person should be able to do. Especially when it comes to having that conversation with your spouse or significant other. Many times the communication lacks depth and often deals with surface talk. This often deals with the day to day things such as the weather, the kids, school and work. Small talk is an avenue to visit the higher level conversations, not to remain there consistently. Also technical devices are a major distraction and have their share of adding to the cause too. This includes that big black box known as the television.

How do we have more engaging conversation? For starters lets turn the television off more often. It’s okay for little while. In many instances we tend to watch shows and movies until it’s time for bed. Then, when it comes to having a conversation or discussion, very little takes place if any. Essentially what you’re doing is giving the worst of yourself to your mate and the best of yourself to the television.

Let’s take a look at a few questions that you can discuss for a more meaningful and engaging relationship.

1. What do you admire most about me?

2. When talking about me to your friends, name three characteristics that you use to describe me?

3. What hardship has God used in our lives?

4. Name activities that your mind off of troubles?

5. What changes can we make to your finances so we are on the same page?

6. What features do you like most about my body?

7. What’s the most memorable activity we’ve done together?

[pull_quote align=”left”]Things are not made to love. God and people are made to love. Things are meant to use.[/pull_quote]





Set aside some quality time and ask your spouse some or all of these questions. I guarantee he or she will thank you for it. And if you’d like an extended list of questions, I’ll be happy to provide more. Let me know how it goes.

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