After Valentines Day Ideas

I initially started to title this “After the Love is Gone”. However, this has nothing to do with Earth Wind and Fire. Consequently, it does speak to after all of the valentines day excitement, love hangovers, predictable dinner dates and being spoiled (or maybe disappointed) beyond your imagination by your main squeeze, some may ask where do I go from here? For most people, it’s back to business as usual. From the dazed and confused look of the guys buying items in last-minute frenzies, they’re glad it over. But it doesn’t have to be, especially not for you. Imagine if you made a personal goal to give that extra attention to your spouse and find a way to continue showering him or her with love. A few ways of doing this are with small gifts and nurturing her love languages for seven days (as a start). It doesn’t have to be costly and could be small acts of service like a foot rub or inexpensive gifts such as buying her favorite candy putting it on her pillow.

Those dying roses can work very well to your advantage too. If flowers are their thing, replace the dying ones shortly after they start to loose their stiffness with new ones of a different kind. But before you discard those roses, get your money worth. Remove the petals from the steps and store them away in a plastic bag and refrigerate them for the moment. Then you want to surprise your love with a nice bath using those roses petals. Another nice touch to this would be adding tealight candles, a glass of wine and the mood music of their choice. Remember, this is all about the other person. Not you. There’s always more to be done. I’ll let you be the creative on the rest : ) .

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