A Guide to a Man’s Bulging Wallet

Ladies and Gentlemen, lend me your eyes. This will take just a snippet of your time. Before anything else, I want to say I take great pride in the individual sense of fashion, may it be freestyle, may it be color-oriented or simply elegant but from all these forms nothing beats a neat and decent fashion. And for this sense of fashion, I want to start off with this one little thing that can throw your Getup. It’s not cologne. It’s not socks. It’s not your belt. It is your wallet.

It is true,  cleanliness is the keynote of all true elegance and there is no better item to start with but your wallet.

This is the commonly used accessory that completes our getup. It is a MUST to bring wherever we go. And we have that tendency to store receipts, coins, dated promo and discount cheques and just hoard it in our wallet.  All of these things and other items that we continue on collecting and unfortunately ending in our wallet to stay for as long as these fit our wallet. This then results to a big bulging wallet with receipts from three years ago and other items stuffed that we really don’t need. I call those wallets big thick wallets that look like a sandwich. I call them spinal dislocator because there’s no way that you should be able to sit in a well-rested position with one side of your body up either because of the weight or the height of the wallet.

How many items in your wallet do you actually use on a daily basis? Probably two to three depending on where you are, but usually, you need your driver’s license, maybe a couple of credit cards and insurance card. See just a couple of things, why the bulge?


 SAVE YOUR GET-UP (Let’s start with your WALLET):


Do yourself a favor and organize your wallet. This will not only help you save time from looking for important items in your wallet but will decrease the number of bacteria reproducing in your wallet.



Did you ever have that experience in a grocery store where you have to pay and then caused a long line pilling up just because you couldn’t find your credit card, or you’re lacking a cent? This is just a minute thing but it can be a source of stress. So save yourself from wasting time and creating a stressful situation.


Be a minimalist. Carry a wallet with items inserted for your need’s sake. This again. It all boils down to decluttering and minimizing. ORGANIZED WALLET HELPS SAVE  TIME.


Don’t stack everything in your wallet like you would do in a purse.  So, one of the things that you can do in order to resolve your wallet turning into a purse is to get a thin super slim wallet. I’m not a big wallet person, but I definitely believe in simple but elegant wallets; something small or thin, compact and stylish.


Of course, this is your choice. Based on my subjective reasons, I’d say if I were you I’d prefer earth tone colors or black ones. These colors are just easy to blend with your get-up.

And here’s my WALLET RANT  as my closing statement:

Do yourself a favor, do your lady a favor and do society a favor and get yourself a thin wallet and clean out the clutter because if your wallet is like that, your wallet is sending a message and it’s not all money. You are a pack-rat. That’s what you are. And when people see you as being a pack rat with that extra thick wallet, it’s gonna translate into other areas of your life. You don’t want to do that. You want everything to be smooth, you want the sale to go through perfect because it’s not a sale, but at the same time, it is because people are buying you and I want people to buy (You know what I mean) because you want people to buy you right? That’s it for my wallet rant. More rants to come in the future.



This here is a really nice thin sleek. It has three card holders on each side, way more than enough for me and the middle component as well. This particular one is made by Coach. It is not very expensive at all. I think I’ve paid $65 here, but I didn’t pay 65 for it because I believe in deals and I believe in sales so, if you are interested in one of these let me know and I will let you know where to get this from.


This is Prime. Look your best, do your best and be your best?

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